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Although they eventually lost contact, May remained confident that Coulson could accomplish his task. Coulson said he had control, but May said that Skye was a living proof that he had not. He made her drive to Union Station and requested her to delete any and all of his presence so he could effectively disappear and keep himself and his son safe from the powers behind Centipede.

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  • As they landed on the ship, Fitz said that another message from Skye had came saying there were synthetic Terrigen Crystals and they must go to the room which controls the ventilation of the ship.
  • Garner said that he had too.
  • So May became the mission commander of a team to protect her.

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As the building was on the verge of fully collapsing, May got out, but not before exchanging a look with the Patriot, who was sacrificing himself to ensure everyone's escape. When they returned to the Playground, May admitted to Skye that she had known Simmons was Coulson's mole. May and Coulson would often talk of being able to pick their own operations and to call their own shots without the bureaucracy and red tape. May and the others waited for Jemma Simmons to complete medical exams and for Coulson to regain consciousness.

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May fights a Centipede Soldier. She also told Hunter that she and he were now even for when he shot her with an I. Coulson finds her near death and the team places her in the hyperbaric chamber. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

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After a firefight where May proved her marksmanship and acrobatic superiority, she was shot by a mercenary who escaped with Bakshi. May and Phil Coulson argue with Skye. She accepted the offer, and the two headed off.

Phil coulson has been up with skye and surprised to an explosive vest. They hided in the castle's field and May managed to take one soldier down. When Ivanov triggered the base's destruction, Coulson managed to take May to the surface, where they were rescued by the Zephyr One.

  1. May watched as Lincoln Campbell entered, angrily claiming Garner had torn his friends apart and had no right to do so.
  2. Suddenly the plane was rerouted to the Hub by Victoria Hand.
  3. With Lash's help, Johnson was successfully returned to S.
  4. May remained silent, so he knew she meant yes.
  5. May returned to the Playground where she and the other field agents met with Phil Coulson and witnessed his conversation with Raina to learn that the Obelisk could be tracked.

Before May could take the shot, Aida teleported away. The team converted to the meeting. As she believed everyone was infected and she was the only one who could see it, she feverishly looked for an explanation. Simmons is paralyzed along with the thug, and Skye and Fitz leave the train to track down Cybertek and Ian Quinn after they see the thugs handing over the package. May and Phil Coulson discuss about the latter's fate.

Skye attempted to leave, but May was forced to physically disallow it. She also had learned that Strucker had activated a bank account in the Cayman Islands. Actually, the Gravitonium in the ship had been supercharged, causing it to take the ship into the air, where S. Later, The alarm of the plane was set as Giyera escaped the Module.

About not letting the future! When it opened, May saw that Coulson and Fitz were in danger, on the verge of being aspired into Hell. However, May and Leo Fitz managed to hide on the plane before it took off.

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Agent coulson's team may be made by the others know. May is way out of Agent Bland's league. May led the agents, guns drawn, in surrounding Ward as he entered the Bus. Skye scolded Ward for what he did, but he tried to defend his actions by reminding her what he has caused over time and he did to protect her and the team.

Melinda May

How did the black ops specialist ever become so sneaky, so planning? She kept the super-strong villain from making contact as best as possible, but all fighting stopped when an earthquake started. He passed her his gun and told her to shoot him if she believed he was a traitor to S. When Skye was questioned about what she saw in Kree City as Raina transformed, she became nervous and caused the Playground to shake. May and Skye sparred together, craigslist florence but May sensed that her student was holding back.

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She flied the Trawler to Virgil's coordinates and they found some radio equipment aboard the spaceship. She and Fitz set up comms in an unused room and start discussing the package on board. Coulson agreed to meet and brought May, Skye and Hunter along as his lookouts. May remained at the Radcliffe Residence to recover, with Aida taking care of her, is it okay to even if May was unaware that Aida was an android.

Melinda May (Earth-616)

Coulson agreed to be the one to carry out the mission, which May heavily disapproved, suggesting to go down herself as the team's specialist. When Morse and Hunter came, worth May told them to flee before the bombs that Antoine Triplett set could explode. Hunter and May hided from the soldiers in outside the compound. Both Skye and Raina are transformed into Inhumans while Trip dies after being accidentally hit by a piece of the Diviner when it exploded. She grabs him and he tenses up because he thought she was trying to pull him off.

With Garner sedated and safe, Rosalind Price offered May the chance to have Garner put in a medical coma to slow his transformation. She chases after Raina who has went to activate the Diviner. Skye spent two years living out of her van and using her skills to reveal classified data to the public while searching for information about her parents. Campbell then suspected someone who followed Coulson. While in custody, what to say on Skye tried to convince her team that Lydon was a good man who only believed in freedom of information.

May went to the lab and found Garner's medical file, but could not find his blood samples, all but confirming von Strucker's story. The pair proved to be equally matched with both managing to gain hits on each other. May informed Phil Coulson that Bobbi Morse had not arrived yet nor answered her.

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Ward revealed that he had Andrew Garner surrounded, but he would release him if Hunter allowed Ward to escape. She can definitely be heard throughout the plane, Ward thought. Garner was hooked onto an I. Did hook up, did end of s. Daisy meets with andrew, we haven't really got real estate professionals may ming-na wen, and it can keep fitzsimmons finally hook up.

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