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The move was invented by Dr. The wrestler kneels over the opponent's thighs with his left leg between the opponent's leg, then bends his opponent's left leg around his left thigh. Mississippi Public Universities.

Womens Wrestling -- Submission Holds

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Wikipedia has confused the Indian Deathlock for the inverted Indian Deathlock and vice-versa! The wrestler pulls down with both arms while pushing up with the knees to bend the opponent's back. This makes it easier to reach down, grab their arms and lift the opponent up into the suspended surfboard. Known as la Campana in Mexico.

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This move was popularized by Perry Saturn as the Rings of Saturn. One variant may see the wrestler instead lock their hands on the opponent's neck.

This causes the opponent's upper body to twist, causing extra pressure. This cuts off the air supply and the opponent fades out, yet this is not considered an air choke as it is not squeezing the windpipe. The wrestler then pulls backwards and up, wrenching the opponent's neck.

List of women s wrestling promotions in the United States

The wrestler then turns degrees over the leg twisting it inward. This move was invented and popularized by Bret Hart. The Queen of the Angels is an honorific of the Virgin Mary, two-thirds of the settlers were mestizo or mulatto with a mixture of African, indigenous and European ancestry. Also known as the Buffalo Sleeper.

Magnificent ladies wrestling piledriver driver

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Miss Rachel's Custom Wrestling Athlete. The move is also referred to as the European Headlock, due to its prominence in European wrestling. The Undertaker and Kane usually do so before a choke slam or piledriver. This hold was popularized by T. The wrestler then grabs the arm with his free hand to lock in the hold and compress the opponent's face.

Womens Wrestling -- Submission Holds - video dailymotion

The opponent is on his stomach while the attacker reaches under one of the opponent's arms, locking his hands together. The wrestler takes the opponents arm and twists it, putting pressure on the shoulder and elbow.

Contact Magnificent Ladies Wrestling on Messenger. As is the norm for this sport, new drivers legislation womens wrestling is organized by wrestling federations called promotions. This choke was popularized in wrestling by Taz as his finisher the Tazmission.

This move is also known as Eastern Stretch. He or she then puts his other arm over the opponent's shoulder, reaches under the opponent's arm and grabs hold of his or her other wrist. Similar to or the same as Ude-Hishigi-Waki-Gatame in judo. The wrestler then grabs the free ankle and places its ankle between his thighs. The move can be also applied by running towards the opponent and then performing the flip when next to him.

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Wrestler Delirious is known for using this move, he calls it the Cobra Stretch. If the opponent is sitting, the wrestler can place their knee under the opponent's back, adding more pressure.

Womens Wrestling -- Submission Holds - video dailymotion

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