Radiometric dating problems

Problems with radiometric dating, 1. mineralogy of zircon crystal formation

Problem with Carbon 14 radiometric dating - Physics - Science Forums

Thus we produce the desired isochron. First, it appears that meteorites have come from somewhere in the solar system, and thus may have been formed at the same time the solar system and thus the Earth formed. Rhyolites in Yellowstone N. This will, over the assumed millions of years, infp dating website produce uneven concentrations of lead isotopes.

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  • This mechanism was suggested by Jon Covey.

We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. The reason for this is that Rb has become distributed unequally through the Earth over time. It is known that the crystal structure of zircons does not accept much lead. If these ratios are observed to obey such a linear relationship in a series of rocks, dating sites best then an age can be computed from them. Closure temperatures are so high that they are not a concern.

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One would assume that initially, the concentration of N and D in different locations are proportional, since their chemical properties are very similar. Over time, ionizing radiation is absorbed by mineral grains in sediments and archaeological materials such as quartz and potassium feldspar. This could influence radiometric dates. It appears that at one or more stages in the crystallization process, a separation of the solid and liquid components of a magma frequently occurs.

This fact has profound implications for radiometric dating. How does radiocarbon dating differ from the other methods of radiometric dating? The precision of a dating method depends in part on the half-life of the radioactive isotope involved. An unbiased observer would be forced to admit that this contradiction prevents any conclusion as to the age of the crystal. The latter may be explained away due to various mechanisms.

1. Mineralogy of zircon crystal formation

There are two types of geological ages based on some few key. Each point on the uniformitarian curve has an identical point on the accelerated decay curve. What is the Concordia, how is it used, and what information can be obtained from discordant dates? American Journal of Science.

Radioactive dating problems

The above two-source mixing scenario is limited, because it can only produce isochrons having a fixed concentration of N p. Then the surrounding crystal surface would continue to grow and close up the gap, incorporating a tiny amount of magma. In the case of radiometric dating, the evidence consists of the relative isotopic abundances in a sample, measured today, using devices such as Accelerator Mass Spectrometers. We can thus use these ratios of light isotopes to shed light on processes and temperatures of past events. This will cause an apparent large age.

Problem with Carbon 14 radiometric dating - Physics - Science Forums

Radiometric dating problems

How is this excess of radium being produced? Science has several very reasonable explanations for levels of modern carbon in very old samples. If all of the meteorites formed at the same time and have been closed to U and Pb since their formation, then we can use the Pb-Pb isochron to date all meteorites.

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Such a scenario does not answer all of the questions or solve all of the problems that radiometric dating poses for those who believe the Genesis account of Creation and the Flood. Some of the problems associated with K-Ar dating are Excess argon. Are there problems with radiometric dating It takes half of radiocarbon dating relies on the age of biological artifacts. As with the U, the abundance of lead in the present for the two situations would be identical. So all the mechanisms mentioned earlier are capable of producing isochrons with ages that are too old, or that decrease rapidly with time.

Anyway, suppose we throw out all isochrons for which mixing seems to be a possibility. For example the amount of Rb in mantle rocks is generally low, a new mode i. Radioactive decay is described in terms of the probability that a constituent particle of the nucleus of an atom will escape through the potential Energy barrier which bonds them to the nucleus. Deep time Geological history of Earth Geological time units.

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This can be corrected for. Living organisms continually exchange Carbon and Nitrogen with the atmosphere by breathing, feeding, and photosynthesis. Earth sciences portal Geophysics portal Physics portal. This depends on the nature of the samples that mix. How anyone can keep track of this all is a mystery to me, especially with the difficulties encountered in exploring magma chambers.

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In the course of partial melting and fractional crystallization of magma, U and Th are concentrated in the liquid phase and become incorporated into the more silica-rich products. These will be definite factors that will change relative concentrations of parent and daughter isotopes in some way, and call into question the reliability of radiometric dating. Subducted oceanic plates begin to melt when they reach depths of about kilometers See Tarbuck, The Earth, p. If only partial loss of Ar occurs then the age determined will be in between the age of crystallization and the age of metamorphism.

  1. Why is zircon the preferred mineral for obtainting U - Pb dates?
  2. Radium has a low melting point degrees K which may account for its concentration at the top of magma chambers.
  3. Thus we could tell whether the rock was derived from the mantle or crust be determining its initial Sr isotopic ratio as we discussed previously in the section on igneous rocks.
  4. However, people, in general, have not been taught how to distinguish between scientific evidence i.
  5. If this is so, the magma would initially be poor in thorium and uranium and rich in lead, and as it cooled it would become rich in thorium and uranium and poor in lead.

Radiometric Dating

One might question why we do not have more isochrons with negative slopes if so many isochrons were caused by mixing. So this is a valid mixing, and we are done. For most radioactive nuclides, the half-life depends solely on nuclear properties and is essentially a constant. This is a very clever idea.

Radiometric dating

Radiometric dating
More Bad News for Radiometric Dating
Problems with radiometric dating

They assume that initially the magma was well mixed to assure an even concentration of lead isotopes, but that uranium or thorium were unevenly distributed initially. The correlation was not very good. This produces an isochron yielding the same age as sample A. As this material leaves, that which is first out will be high in lead and low in parent isotopes.

This mechanism was suggested by Jon Covey and others. However, the U-Th-Pb method uses a different procedure that I have not examined and for which I have no data. It amazes me that a technology like radioactive dating has gotten widespread acceptance and credibility.

United States Geological Survey. If the reverse happens before mixing, the age of the isochron will be decreased. From CreationWiki, dating couples devotional online the encyclopedia of creation science.

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