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Naturally, good notes and good teamwork are essential for this approach to work. That strange language in the background of rally videos? It's difficult to get a direct comparison as the cars are slightly different and the driver's experience varies, tl wn881nd driver for windows 7 but there's no question that co-drivers and pacenotes are the key to fast rally times.

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Co Driver Calls Explained

Again, this pacing is something that comes with practice and development of teamwork. Oh, and our intercom had Bluetooth which I paired to my phone so we called Mike Spinelli and left all our random pacenotes on his voicemail for fun!

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Aids to accurate use of notes such as a calibrated odometer that can be controlled by the co-driver quickly are also often used. There are also things in the notes that help the codriver maintain his place or allow you to regain your place if you get lost. Compilation of notes requires access to the course ahead of the event, which is not always possible.

But if someone has notes and you don't, you don't stand a chance. This has been a necessity due to the added technicality of the stages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In a modern car, you'll most likely walk away from a crash, but it's still serious business. It's a huge language to explain, but these are the basics.

Other variations include the preferred language of the team, metric or imperial measurements, etc. We call the corner direction first i. When we have turned the calls off we have really noticed the difference in how much slower we have to drive through the stages without them.

Get it wrong, and not only is your day over, but your car is probably totaled as well. Kinja is in read-only mode. We talk about corners that Open, Tighten or Double Tighten when the angle of the corner changes mid way through.

This makes them much more consistent and far less subjective, as a result they are a much better fit for the broad spectrum of rally cars that you will be able to drive on our stages. As a rally driver you have to trust your co-driver more than anything, even more than the look of the road ahead. If you don't listen to your co-driver, you'll be slow. The co-driver will read the notes at such a pace that the driver will always have enough to go on, but not so far ahead that he will have forgotten it by the time the feature is encountered. No matter which version you use, pacenotes give the driver a view of the road ahead without being able to see it.

Another system of pace notes is known as the Jemba Inertia Notes System. Perhaps the best part is that through the bumpier sections you can really hear the compressions in the stage coming through in my voice. Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references. This system uses numbers to describe the severity of bends, which is common, though others are used. Follow us on Twitter Tweets by dirtgame.

Rally driver co pilot

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The Secret Language Of Rally

We describe the various things that you can drive over such as Crests, Bumps and Jumps as well as things you can drive through such as bad camber, dips and water splashes. Linking all of the corners together are distances. The point is that the system is irrelevant as long as you are getting consistent information about what lies ahead in a timely manner that is easy to understand at high speed. There are a few different systems used amongst teams.

The commands sound strange at first, but once you hear it enough times it becomes second nature. It would be different if no team had notes and every crest has to be taken with caution.