Testing your ODBC Driver with ODBC Test

Test Odbc Driver

Check for the latest version here. If you have only one or the other installed, driver rehab therapy then the appropriate version of iodbctest or iodbctestw is available.

For some reason, I could not get any query to work with PostgreSql or Mysql. The default will return all accessible columns in the database.

Doing this on the command line would be preferable. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. It might be easier to also programmatically detect if you gave more info about the install for the connector itself in the file system. You can now do your desired debugging actions, like stepping through the code or seeing what values variables have! Executing a Query To execute a query, type your query in the Query Pane.

How to Test ODBC System s DSN

Go to the Drill shell to run commands. Get notifications on updates for this project. The success message displays.

ODBC Test - SQL Server

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Test odbc driver

Use iodbctestw to test how your driver works with a Unicode application. In the samples directory of the driver manager installation, run iodbctest or iodbctestw. Supported Features There are different options to see what a driver supports under the Conn menu. Pass the driver file as a parameter to the batch file.

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Without having to write extra code or install libs or bloated programs, is there a simple way to open up X data source send some sql commands and be done with it? The Results Pane displays the results of your actions.

Testing ODBC driver connectivity

Hi Elke, Thank you very much for the reply. However, if you have both and bit versions installed, then you need to be careful that you are running the version from the correct installation directory.

To see the results of your query, hit the Results Button. To execute a query, type your query in the Query Pane. It will execute a query you have typed into the execute pane. Beginners just getting started - here's the place for help with simple questions.

There are different options to see what a driver supports under the Conn menu. The default is using windows authentication, which mean your current user. You can set additional configuration options by appending key-value pairs to the connection string. This app works just fine having all those checked and good to go. It is part of the Microsoft Data Access Components.

Testing ODBC driver connectivity

For installation or setup questions, refer to the Setup Forum. Open strConn - Create an application associated with this folder. Simple to use and setup the connections. Hit the red stop button in Visual Studio to stop the debugging session.